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God father Odin bronze colored

God father Odin bronze colored 67 636

The figure was made and cast in Polyresin (caststone). The figure is fully filled and not hollow and covered with real bronze. Weight 1300 g., Product Size ca. 24,5 x 15 x 11 cm.
Odin is the Highest God of the Aesir, the highest and First among the Gods. God of Poetry, Science and Knowledge, of
High Magik, of the Heavens, of Wars and the God of the Dead.  As the God of Storms, he is also the leader of all

Odin, the finder of the Runes, God of the knowledge and mysteries of the Runes, and the God of Protection of all the Skalden.

Odin,the Allfather, the Son of Burr and the gorgeous Bestla. Together withhis brothers, Hönir & Lodur, Odin created the first pair ofhumanity; Askr and Embla, and gave them Souls.

He sits upon histhrone; Hlidskialf in the Walaskialf Hall, in the Mountain of the Gods;Asgard, from which he can see the entire world, and gaze upon allthings.

He is all-seeing, all-knowing, of things said and thingsdone. On the side of Odin stand the Raben Hugin (Thoughts) and Munin(Memory). It is they, who every morning recite the details of theirtravels. They provide Odin a report of the new things of the world,from where ever they travelled. Also accompanying Odin are his twowolves; Geri (The Greedy) and Freki (The Ravenous).

With his 8 legged stallion; Sleipnir, he rides against the Powers of Darkness!

Odinoffered up his left eye to his Uncle Mimir in order to be allowed todrink from the Well of Truth and of the Mead of Odroerir, which isPoetry."

He owes his vast wealth and riches to His goldenring, Draupnir (The Dropper), from which every nine days it dripsanother eight rings. In battles and wars, he owes much to Gungnir, hisspear, which never misses the target at which it is thrown.  

So, Odin is not only the God of the fallen brave in Valhalla, he is altogether the God and Leader of the Dead.

Thisis also expressed in the older myths of the wild hunt, in which alldead spirits under guidance of Odin rides through the night in searchof their quarry.

Among His followers are 13 Ghostly WomenWarriors, known to us as the Valkyrie (Valkyrjar), and the souls offallen warriors. Those who perished valorously on the field of battlealso called Einherier, in Old Norse.

These brave shades liveforever more in Valhalla, also known as the hall of the fallen. Thislustrous Hall is in Gladsheim, the place of joy.
In front of Gladsheim stands the Hain Glasir. The grove (Hain) of Glasir has trees that are filled with leaves of gold.

Overthe main door of the Hall, which was so high that one could see hardlyits gables, hung as a symbol of war a wolf over an eagle.
Thewalls of the Hall were covered with shields over spearshafts. The Hallhad 540 doors, by each of which 800 honorable dead stride along,waiting for the great battle with the Fenris Wolf (the warriors collectthemselves for the final battle of all battles: Ragnaröck).

Forthese courageous ones, which came after death to the Walstatt to Odin,they will all play a part. Under Odins presidency the Valkyries givegenerous portions of Mead.
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