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Open Rune ring 24s elder Futhark - 925s Silver

Open Rune ring 24s elder Futhark - 925s Silver 51 016-19

A size-adjustable, very noble rune ring, made in fine 925 sterling silver.
It contains the 24 runes of the Futhark.
Runes are angle laws of creation.
The Futhark ring is a very robust, top crafted piece of jewelry that is very comfortable to wear.

Our Rune Ring represents a link to the past, honoring a rich cultural heritage, and is sure to be a source of conversation for years to come. It contains all twenty-four runes of the Norse Elder Futhark (one of several groups of related symbol systems that take the name Futhark from their first six characters). The design also incorporates a space between the first and last runes, for those readers who embrace the concept of the blank.

We hope this ring will be your reminder of that pivotal point in human history when we began to create abstract symbols to convey our ideas and to influence our world. The Runes are a bridge between the days of animal images painted on the walls of caves - to invoke the power of those same creatures or call them to the hunter's spear, and the letters of the written words that we use today for prayer, poetry, and shopping lists.

According to Norse mythology Odin, chief of the gods, willingly suffered many ordeals in order to acquire the first set of Runes. He hoped to use this hard won device as a means to glimpse the destiny of the gods thereby learning how to prevent Ragnorok - the death of the gods and destruction of the world.

These runes, used by the Vikings, were the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien's Angerthas, his Dwarvish alphabet.

For those interested in the mystical aspect of the runes our Rune Ring can be used as an easily portable, intensely personal meditation focus, divinatory guide for daily readings, and talisman gallery. It may inspire you to explore your own relationship with the historical, mythological, and magical significance of the Runes.

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